New Hanover for All.

Welcome to New Hanover for All! We are an organization dedicated to working across race, gender, class and difference to recruit and develop leaders, build trust, repair harm, build grassroots political power, and make structural change for people across New Hanover County.

New Hanover for AllWHAT WE BELIEVE:

Corporate Power is the Problem.

We believe that corporate control of government and the economy is the root cause of injustice, suffering, and environmental destruction. We build grassroots movements that name our common enemy and to dismantle the corporate policies and politics that dominate North Carolina.

Democracy is the Solution.

We believe that political power and economic ownership can and must be redistributed and democratized. We build people power to take back government and fight for an economy where all North Carolina’s people and places thrive together.

Solidarity is the Key.

We believe that we are responsible for each other’s well-being and must confront racism and systems of privilege that keep us complicit in each other’s suffering. We build solidarity across race, class, gender, sexuality, immigration status and we fight for a North Carolina that honors all people.


We Build Grassroots Political Power.

We build a committed voting base that comes together across race and class to elect politicians and shape public debate. We build permanent organization, not parachute campaigns, and we measure our power in the depth and volume of our membership and the number of votes our organization wields.

We Recruit and Develop Leaders.

The hopelessness and isolation that keeps our people politically powerless can only be overcome through the everyday work of strong, skilled, and politically clear leaders who are respected in their communities. We invest deeply in identifying, training, and supporting local leaders, who in turn cultivate other leaders.

We Make Structural Change.

We’re not interested in playing a rigged game, we want to change the rules. When we elect people to office we work with them to pass laws that will lift up everyday people and break the power of corporations and racism.


We Choose Responsibility.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. No one else is coming to save the day. We step up and learn by doing. We are solution-oriented, offering something we like, rather than complaining about what we don’t like.

We Ask for Commitment.

We offer others an opportunity to put their values into action. Our power comes from bringing more and more people into our movements, so we are always inviting new people to become members, take action, and step into leadership.

We Build Trust and Repair Harm.

We speak honestly, listen humbly, and act with respect for one another. We actively unlearn the ways we’ve been taught to distrust and harm each other around race, gender, class, disability and immigration status.

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get involved.

Ready to dive a little deeper? New Hanover for All is looking for volunteers! We are looking for people to phone bank and canvas for voting, as well as volunteer using their talents and knowledge base. To volunteer with us, please fill out the google form!


We support the following candidates for the 2020 Elections:

Our Team.

New Hanover for All is for the people, by the people. Meet our steering committee: a dedicated group of people helping to make New Hanover County better!


Carlos Braxton

Carlos Braxton is a Wilmington native. He served 8 years in the U.S. Air Force as a Medical Logistics Specialist at Eglin AFB in Florida and Brooks AFB in Texas. Carlos is a recent graduate of UNCW with a BS in Clinical Research and currently Broker/Owner of Braxton Realty, LLC. His community service includes having served as Vice Chair of the Community Boys and Girls Club for 6 years and Chair of AMEZ Housing Development Corporation Board. He was also appointed to serve on the City of Wilmington's Comprehensive Steering Committee, City/County Ad-Hoc Committee on Improving Workforce/Affordable Housing. He has most recently joined New Hanover 4 All in an effort to be a part of the political change our Community needs.


Steven Lee

Steve is a retired public school teacher currently working as Controller for LINC, Inc. a non-profit Residential re-entry facility for citizens returning from incarceration. He is also an advocate for residents of public housing and students and parents experiencing challenges with NHCS. Steve Is married to Rebecca Busch.  He has two children and four grandchildren.

Ashley Daniels

Ashley is a Leland, NC native and has worked for the past seven years to bring justice to residents impacted by unregulated pollution, coal ash, factory farms, and climate change. She has worked as a nursing assistant, an outreach coordinator, and environmental justice organizer. Ashley is now employing  previous organizing skills to support grassroots electoral power in Southeastern North Carolina.



Caroline Morin-Gage

As the queer middle child of a Navy JAG and a clinical social worker, Caroline had lived on three continents by her 13th birthday. Stark early lessons in U.S. imperialism planted in Caroline a deep hunger for peace, justice, and solidarity. After learning that local politics determines most of our destiny, she began volunteering on electoral campaigns and doing voter registration. Caroline currently serves as the Director of Learning and Development at TRU Colors Brewery, a start-up brewery owned and operated by gang members in Wilmington, NC with a mission to stop gun violence.


Sarah Daniels

Sarah works as a nonprofit management consultant and holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Masters in Public Administration from UNC Wilmington. Much of her professional background is in the local foods and sustainable agriculture movements, which led Sarah to focus on economic justice as a framework for grassroots, multi-racial movement building. Her other passions include performing as a classical violist, training in martial arts, serving on the board of the local cooperative grocery store, and tending her vegetable garden.