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Sendolo Diaminah

Sendolo Diaminah is an organizer, trainer, and strategist with experience in community and electoral organizing, as well as elected office. For the last four years Sendolo has been training director at Black Organizing for Leadership & Dignity (BOLD), where he developed somatically-based leadership curriculum for organizers and executive directors.


Theo Luebke

Theo Luebke is a North Carolinian with more than 15 years of experience in electoral politics, movement-building, faith-based community organizing, teaching, training and grassroots democratic practice. From 2012 to 2017 he was the North Carolina Organizing Director for the America Votes c4 table, supporting progressive organizing and infrastructure in response to the right-wing’s rise in the state. Prior to America Votes he taught high school science for five years and attended Duke Divinity School, graduating in 2012.

Senior Organizer

Aaron Jamal

Aaron Jamal is a southern organizer, internationalist, educator and author with 10 years of experience in base-building, political education and movement strategy. He has learned & led  in struggles ranging from student debt, voting rights, environmental justice, movements to end gender based oppression, multiracial political power, and decriminalization, all of which have been rooted in the Black freedom struggle. Aaron has a passion for writing eclectic essays, making melodies, and silent stargazing.

Data & Digital Director

Valerie Morales

Valerie Morales has eight years of experience working at labor unions in both the US and Australia. During that time she has provided training and support for various successful campaigns. She has experience in providing direct help to members, organizers and leadership to improve the data skills across their organizations. Her skills include assisting in interpretation of data analysis, creating data systems, and supporting digital communications programs. She has a passion for tracking digital communication and cultural trends and analysis, cooking, and is a sucker for science fiction.

Movement Politics Director

Gabriel Gold Hodgkin

Gabriel comes to the Federation most immediately from the Bernie 2020 campaign, where he was Iowa Deputy Field Director and Illinois Field Director. Grounded in Jewish tradition and family history, Gabriel began organizing as a student during the Fight for 15 movement and a dining hall workers strike, before developing his training craft as a teaching fellow for Marshall Ganz. He has spent the years since Trump’s election on electoral campaigns fighting for a government and economy that work for all of us, not just the wealthy few. The only way we will achieve this vision is by building a multiracial movement of working people, which is why Gabriel is committed to building a strong electoral program with the Carolina Federation in 2020.

Triad Regional Organizer

Ucha David

Ucha has worked in various community-building efforts serving in roles as a Community Garden Mentor with Forsyth County Cooperative Extension, Place-Based Initiative Assistant for the Americorps domestic capacity-building program, and Director for Community Planning & Investment at the United Way. Ucha is committed to practicing the asset-based approach, where all residents have skills, talents and insights critical to movement work. She hopes to lend her experience in grant making, program implementation/ evaluation, and relationship management with the Carolina Federation. Her interests include cooking/eating plant-based cuisine with her friends, watching sci-fi movies, listening to electronic/avant-garde music, and enjoying the outdoors.

Operations Manager

Melissa 'Mel' Norton

Mel is a Durhamite that comes to the Carolina Federation with a background in public policy, public history, and grassroots organizing related to affordable housing, living wages, and electoral politics. She believes that local relationships are the building blocks of political power, and that multi-racial cross-class solidarity is needed to win transformational change. Mel loves word games, going down southern history rabbit holes, and spending as much time near North Carolina's rivers as possible.

Training Director

Jenn Frye

Jenn Frye is a native North Carolinian with 17 years of organizing and training experience in voting rights, political education, electoral, and movement building work. She was a long-time staff member at Democracy NC, and served for six years on the board of Blueprint NC, the state c3 civic engagement table. Most recently, Jenn was the Training Director at LEAD NC, training progressive candidates running for local and state level office. She is passionate about supporting people to ground their leadership in their own story, knowledge and lived experience. Jenn calls Durham home, and lives there with her partner, Carolina, and their dog, Ruthie Bader Ginsburg.

Engagement Director

Darnell Tingle

Darnell Tingle has worked championing the rights of workers and community members for more than 13 years. He has been active in various union and community organizations- including ACORN, SEIU, and Unite Here. Through his work, Darnell has assisted numerous people with finding their voice for fair working conditions, compensation, fighting gentrification, and the right to vote. Darnell believes in the power of collective work. Working alone will only get you so far. By coming together as a group, there is more opportunity to succeed and achieve great things! As the Engagement Director with the Carolina Federation, he hopes to inspire others to take action, make a positive impact, and move from a place of “I can’t” to a place of “I will”.

Organizing Director

Sam Wohns

Sam has worked as an organizer, campaigner, and trainer on political, community, and labor campaigns across the South for the last eight years. Rooted in a deep commitment to grassroots organizing and leadership development, Sam believes in the transformative potential of a multiracial working class movement to achieve a more just future. In addition to organizing, Sam enjoys cooking with eggs from his backyard chickens, hiking in the mountains, and reading books about social movement history.

Regional Organizer

Ryan Staggers

Southern born and raised into the movement by Greensboro freedom fighters, Ryan came into organizing spiritually intent on realizing a place we can all call home and a community that takes care of each other. Ryan has organized within Greensboro’s NAACP, Black Lives Matter, and Southerners on New Ground chapters. More recently, he was as a Field Organizer in the 2020 elections, where he worked across racial and class divides to build permanent progressive power within Guilford County. In his off time, Ryan is a visionary. You'll probably catch him writing, hiking, and world-building through online games or fantasy books, where things are simpler yet still extremely more dramatic.

Lead Political Organizer

Azurée Bateman

Azurée is a native of Philadelphia, PA who’s family relocated to North Carolina when she was young. Azurée started her career as a student organizer while attending Bennett College. Post graduation she transitioned into being a full time communications consultant and community organizer. She’s worked various elections throughout the country. She now works as the Lead Political Organizer in Guilford County.

Distributive Organizer

Tyler Walker

Tyler Walker was born and raised in Greensboro North Carolina- a first generation American raised on the ideals of equality and justice for everyone. Tyler graduated from North Carolina Central University with a BA in political science, and cut his teeth in the organizing world as the executive coordinator for Democracy North Carolina . He has been organizing in North Carolina for four years around the issues of protecting democracy and ending structural racism. Tyler joined the Carolina Federation team as the Distributive Organizer.