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Building Power With The

Carolina Federation

The Carolina Federation is a statewide organization that brings local people together across race and the rural-urban divide to build political and electoral power in their own communities and across North Carolina.

that strengthens diverse communities, develops leaders and achieves electoral victories

Transforming the political landscape.

At a time when the right-wing holds power in our state and far too many campaigns overlook the importance of long-term investment in local communities, we are developing a bold approach to organizing and voter engagement for North Carolina. By unleashing the full potential of our diverse communities we can create real change in the lives of our people, win elections that were previously unwinnable and transform the political terrain.

Shifting Power.

Our goal is a fundamental shift in the policies and rules that govern our state. We are building an independent political movement that forges a new political and economic agenda for North Carolina, rooted in a culture of dignity and belonging. Through our organizing, we can build permanent, progressive majorities at the local and state level.

A Commitment
to Our People.

Our approach to building power is defined by our relentless commitment to bringing new people into political action, our deep investment in local leadership, and our intentional integration of cultural work with community and electoral organizing. Together we will realize the promise of a democracy that is truly of, by, and for all people.

Building a politics of ALL OF US.

In two short years, the Carolina Federation has grown from a seedling idea into a full fledged grassroots power-building movement in counties across North Carolina.

People's power is in our DNA.

Learn about our nine foundational principles that shape the culture and behavior of the Federation’s members and the organization as a whole. This our DNA.