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Carolina Federation Seeks Southeast NC Regional Organizer


About the Carolina Federation


The Carolina Federation is a statewide organization that brings local people together across race and the rural-urban divide to build political and electoral power in their own communities and across North Carolina. We are hiring for a Regional Organizer for Southeastern NC, based in or near New Hanover County.

At a time when the right-wing still holds power in North Carolina and far too many campaigns overlook the importance of long-term investment in local communities, we are developing a bold approach to multi-racial organizing and voter engagement for our state. Our approach to building power is defined by our relentless commitment to bringing new people into political action, our deep investment in local leadership and our intentional integration of cultural work with community and electoral organizing. By unleashing the full potential of our diverse communities we can create real change in the lives of our people, win elections that were previously unwinnable and transform the political terrain. By rooting ourselves in our movement traditions, our grassroots democratic practice and our solidarity with each other, we can dismantle the concentrated corporate power that seeks to control our government and our economy.


About New Hanover for All


New Hanover For All is a chapter of the Carolina Federation dedicated to working across race, gender, class and difference to recruit and develop leaders, build trust, repair harm, build grassroots political power and make structural change for people across New Hanover County.


Our Challenge 


Over the past two years, the Carolina Federation has launched three new county-based chapters -- including New Hanover For All -- trained hundreds of member leaders in our core organizing principles and built the largest volunteer-driven electoral effort in North Carolina outside of the major political parties. 

In 2021, we are challenged with supporting new and existing local political organizations to grow their own leadership and political power as we emerge from the shadow of global pandemic and a critical 2020 election. Our ability to support local leaders to grow their own power to transform their communities will be put to the test, with direct consequences for the people of New Hanover County and North Carolina.


About the Southeast Regional NC Organizer Position


In this moment of growth and opportunity for the Carolina Federation and New Hanover For All, we are looking to bring on a dynamic regional organizer to our staff team. We are seeking an organizer who would: 


  • be thrilled to help grow an innovative political organization across North Carolina
  • fit our culture of courageous leadership and playful camaraderie, and
  • share our deep love of people and ferocious commitment to power and transformation.


Our regional organizer will work directly with our Organizing Director and our local grassroots leaders to grow our multi-racial, multi-issue local political organizations as chapters of the Carolina Federation. Regional organizers will support these chapters in their organizational structure, member recruitment, base building and intensive leadership development training. Through this work, regional organizers will also contribute to the continued development of the Carolina Federation’s core leadership team and to the overall shared culture of our organization.


Qualities We're Looking for in a Regional Organizer


Our organization places a priority on recruiting staff and leaders with strong political alignment and key leadership qualities that match both the role and the kind of work we do. This is because we believe that skills and competencies can be taught, while values, alignment and leadership qualities are more deeply ingrained. Because the work we do is political, fast-paced, deeply relational, and about power, we look for the following qualities:


  1. Politically Clear: You know why building power through elections, issue campaigns, and organizing is essential. You are convinced that racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice are what we need and you lift up the leadership and dignity of working-class people and people of color.
  2. A Leader Who Unleashes More Leadership: You take responsibility for motivating others and coordinating effective collective action, building powerful teams, even in the face of obstacles. But most of all you unleash leadership in others, igniting responsibility and ownership in those you lead.
  3. Interdependent: You bring your best, rely on the strengths of others, and know that we are responsible for each other’s well-being.
  4. Courageous and Determined: You draw from deep values and beliefs so you continue to take action towards goals, even in the face of change, fear, loss, conflict, and uncertainty
  5. Ambitious, Innovative, Relentless: You believe that you and others are capable of greatness and you believe that we can win so when things get difficult you get creative and keep trying and learning until you succeed.


If you fit these qualities, then you’re a strong candidate for the regional organizer position because they guide our organization. And while there are some important skills that we are looking for (see next section) we believe these qualities are the foundation -- out of which skills and competencies can be developed.


The Skills and Competencies We are Looking for in a Regional Organizer:


These are the types of skills and competencies that we’d be looking for in our regional organizers. We offer these as a broad outline; it is not necessary that applicants have experience in all of these. 


  1. Base Building: Experience bringing others into community organizations, issue campaigns and / or electoral efforts, growing participation and membership base, especially communities of color and working class communities. 
  2. Leadership Development: Experience supporting community members in their leadership development and organizing skills, encouraging deeper engagement and learning from our members while identifying areas for new learning and development. 
  3. Local Campaign Development: Experience designing and implementing in local issue or electoral campaigns that combine short-term goals for winning specific victories with long-term goals for winning power for our people. 
  4. Training: Experience leading skills trainings, meetings, town halls or other forums for member and community engagement. 
  5. Supervision: Experience advising and managing volunteer leaders and / or staff, providing clear direction and support that enables the success of others and builds their long-term commitment.


Benefits & Compensation


This is a full-time, salaried position at $40,000 – $50,000 a year, based on equity, experience and qualifications. This position includes employer based health insurance and vacation / paid time off.


How to Apply


Please upload a cover letter, resume, and at least three references to  


In your email or cover letter, please include how you heard about this position.