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People’s Platform.

North carolina people's platform

What would it look like to have a North Carolina that worked for all of us?

At a time when politicians are too often in the pockets of big corporations, or stoking hate to stay in power, we need a government for the people, by the people. That means that working class people and people of color need a real say in the government and economy of our state.

That’s why people across North Carolina are coming together in 2021 to build a People’s Platform. We’ll listen to our neighbors around the state to hear about the problems impacting them, the solutions that speak to them, and the visions that inspire them. Then we’ll propose, discuss, and vote on policies to win a North Carolina that works for all of us.

And you get to decide what’s in and what’s out! You’re eligible to vote if:

  • You’re a member of one of these organizations:
    • Guilford for All
    • New Hanover for All
    • Forsyth Freedom Federation
    • Durham for All
    • People’s Alliance
    • Bull City Tenants United
    • Down Home NC
    • NC Raise Up
    • Siembra NC
    • North Carolina Association of Educators
  • You’re a member of one of our platform issue teams, and have completed at least two listening events (canvasses, phonebanks, tabling, clipboarding)

The final vote on ratifying the platform will happen in November!